A tripartite discussion was held on the advisory board of employer and employee

. A tripartite discussion of the employer, worker and government advisory board was held. Members of the Ministry of Employment and Skills, the Ministry of Health, the Investment Commission and the Advisory Board of the Confederation of Employers’ Associations participated in the discussion. The Minister of Labor and Skills and Chairman of the Advisory Board, Muferihat Kamil, stated that the issue of employer and employee has been given special attention by the Ministry. Information from the Ministry of Labor and Skills indicates that efforts are being made to free the sector from the mindset of one being the oppressor and the other being the oppressed. They also pointed out that it is possible to benefit by making the worker physically safe, the work environment safe, his hands and mind free and equipped with sufficient skills. The participants of the forum said that they will do their part to strengthen the board and to solve issues related to employers and employees together. It was also stated that the draft plan of the advisory board was presented and discussed at the forum.

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