Mr. Awol Arba visited the banana and papaya field in Hanruka district

Awal Arba, the head of government of Afar region, visited the banana and papaya fields that are growing on 220 hectares in Hanruka district. In a message on his social networking page, the head of government said that we will work hard to achieve the goal of reducing food shortage in our country by connecting our land with the Awash River. In Hanruka district, 220 hectares of banana and papaya production has been started this year, and it has been stated that land preparation works have been carried out for future developments. Mr. Awol said, We have set a direction to help the district leaders who participated in the visit to strengthen and continue the developments that have been started based on this work experience. Along with the visit, they also indicated that they will conduct a sapling planting program.

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