Free eye treatment services are being provided to more than 5 thousand people in Gambella region

Free eye treatment services are being provided to more than 5 thousand people in Gambella region It has been announced that free eye treatment services are being provided to more than 5,000 residents and refugees in the Gambella region. It has been pointed out that a humanitarian organization called Help Age International is providing the treatment in collaboration with the doctors of Arba Mojran Hospital. According to the information received from the State Government Communications Affairs Office; Patients have expressed that the free treatment is of great importance to those who cannot afford it. According to Ato Alemu Ashebo who is receiving the medical services; The fact that the group provides the treatment for free is especially important for people like him who do not have the financial means. They expressed their happiness to find the light they had lost. Mr. Bach Chibi, on his part; He said that the benefit of the free medical treatment for people who have financial problems is not easy. They explained that the opportunity they got now will help them recover their eye health. He thanked them for the medical assistance. The coordinator of the medical team, Dr. He said that the organization is working to provide the services to the members of the society who have eye diseases but cannot be treated due to lack of capacity. He pointed out that the treatment being provided by the organization includes cataract surgery, eye hair removal, giving glasses to the visually impaired, eye examination and treatment. He said that the treatment will be given to more than 5 thousand people, of which 3 thousand are residents of the region and the rest are refugees. The coordinator said that 12 medical groups are participating in the campaign. The Medical Director of Gambella General Hospital, Dr. Mak Jima said; He said that the medical team will come to the region and provide general ophthalmology services, which will allow for the transfer of experience and knowledge. They also stated that they have made the hospital comfortable for the organization to provide the treatment successfully.

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