It is said that youth voluntary service is creating a national consensus Minister of Peace

It is said that youth voluntary service is creating a national consensus Minister of Peace Banalf Andulem stated that the voluntary service of youth in Ethiopia is making a constructive contribution to create national understanding and national unity. Ato Bnalf stated that the Ministry of Peace has prepared a volunteer community service program where youths can leave their areas and create national unity. He reminded that the young volunteers graduated from different universities in different professional fields and said that they are happy to be employed outside their region. He also stated that the youths who were recruited from different parts of the country voluntarily to serve Ethiopia on various issues are doing effective work in the areas where they are engaged. Therefore, he told ESA that the national voluntary community service is playing a constructive role for national unity and national understanding by enhancing solidarity among the youth. He mentioned that the participation of the youth is important to create national harmony and national unity in Ethiopia. He emphasized that in the process of nation building, it should be understood that the government and the country are different. He explained that nation-building is a process and not a one-time event, so citizens should focus on issues that promote unity and understanding rather than diversity. Although the young people engaged in voluntary service come from different political views, beliefs, professions and areas, they have expressed that they stand together for the unity and prosperity of Ethiopia. Therefore, we are working to ensure the continued active participation of the youth in order to realize the prosperous Ethiopia we want. It will continue to be strengthened, the minister said.

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