Production of waste paper has started in Ethiopia

Production of waste paper has started in Ethiopia Adal Industry has announced that it has started producing waste paper in Ethiopia. The industry has also stated that it is working to meet the domestic demand by producing waste paper and to avoid the foreign currency spent on the purchase of paper. ESA reported that the factory established by the industry has started producing paper from waste products with the professional support of the Manufacturing Industry Development Institute. In Ethiopia, it is explained that the by-product is used for medicine, animal feed, paper production and other services. According to Desisa Yadeta (Dr.), the chief executive of research and technology development at the Manufacturing Industry Development Institute, it was confirmed that it is used as a raw material for paper production in a study conducted on the Enset plant. Based on the results of the research, they announced that a manufacturing company called Adal Industry has officially started producing broth in collaboration with the institute. He pointed out that Ethiopia spends more than 100 million dollars every year on the purchase of paper. They said that the production process that has started now will be made available to other factories. Adal Industry Manager Adane Berhe mentioned that the factory has started producing paper for newspapers, books, cardboard and packaging. They also explained that they are making connections with farmers living in the country’s food producing areas in order to sustainably obtain the surplus product that is used as an input for the paper production. He mentioned that the industry has the capacity to produce 30 thousand tons of paper per year on an average. He said that by further increasing this, apart from meeting domestic consumption, he is working on a plan to export the product.

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